OTC Trading

Fragmented and illiquid markets require off-exchange access to deep pools of liquidity

What is it?

Over-the-Counter (OTC) trading combines access to unparalleled market liquidity with complete privacy. Each trade is conducted and executed immediately against the counterpart and is not susceptible to on-exhange price slippage nor order book discovery. This ensures that a seamless transaction with near instant settlement takes place in a safe and secure manner.

Market Impact

OTC Trading has long been a fundamental part of traditional financial trading. When dealing in sizeable orders in an illiquid market, there is often a need for an on- and off- ramp that has no or minimal on-exchange impact. Furthermore, one that can be executed in a single transaction without consideration of order book depth, cancellations or phantom orders that may only reveal itself in segmented, dispersed orders if on-exchange hedging is crucial.

Octagon Strategy has solidified its reputation as a market leader by amassing one of the largest networks of digital asset participants and industry insiders. We provide instant, competitive quotes and our internal order flow is unrivaled in Asia and amongst the highest globally on a daily volume basis.

Our Advantages

Extensive Partner Network for Block Trades

Being the market leader in the digital asset trading field grants Octagon Strategy access to the block trade partner network. Together with our extensive pools of liquidity, Octagon Strategy is well equipped to facilitate and execute large orders with favourable pricing.

Best-in-class Security

At Octagon Strategy, security is of paramount importance. We enforce multiple layers of protection including cold storage, 3-factor authentication, SSL technology, and multi-signature settlement practices among others.

Private Chat Group

All trades are conducted via a private chat group with dedicated Octagon Strategy traders and onboarding specialists, thus ensuring a high level of privacy. On-demand and instant price quotes are provided through the chat groups.

Efficient Settlement

Octagon Strategy offers same day settlements globally with no limitations. Our team is experienced and well equipped with the resources and capital to settle trades instantly.

Competitive Fee Schedule

All trades incur only a small transaction fee upon execution. We benchmark our pricing across major digital asset exchanges and strive to outperform competition.

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