Additional Services

Offering a multitude of verticals across the entire digital assets space


Octagon Strategy offers complete API integration to access our in-house RFQ functionality. With fixed quotes for up to 20 seconds expiry, our RFQ product offers a much-needed access point to the digital asset markets, for smaller orders that do not satisfy OTC minimum requirements.

Market Making

With global connectivity across an array of venues, our market making services provide liquidity in digital assets most illiquid trading pairs.

Bespoke Services

Pre-ICO Service (Distribution partnership services during private sale stage)


    Assist token sale companies in undertaking “Know – Your -Customer” KYC / KYB procedures for all of their potential contributors.

  • Marketing Promotion

    We will expand your promotion efforts to our extensive network of counterparts including both institutions and UHNWIs.

  • Pre-Sale Contribution

    Octagon Strategy will maintain pre-sale contributions in fiat currencies and / or digital assets until completion of the pre-sale.

  • Token Distribution

    Octagon Strategy will distribute token entitlements from the token sale to eligible recipients (contributors).

Post-ICO Service (After completion of the token sale)

  • Proceeds Conversion

    Over-the-counter conversion of digital asset to fiat currencies, or digital assets crosses, for token sale companies. Offering same day settlement.

Bespoke Fund Account (Digial Asset and Traditional)

  • Umbrella Account

    Fund customers will directly deposit to Octagon Strategy and all balances will be credited to the fund account, where they will be executed directly with the fund manager.

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