Trader View - May 11, 2018


As the markets take a dump, both the Kimchi & Masala premiums have widened to levels not seen in awhile. There are also a few coins that are holding ground amidst this selloff

$DCN +39.4% over past 24hrs riding on expectations of an imminent launch of the Dentacoin Integrated Platform this month as guided by the development team. They’ve also embarked on a campaign to be listed on OKex, urging supporters to vote for the token.


Listed on just seven small exchanges if materializes, will broaden accessibility. The team itself is guiding for 3x price action and considering the weak contestants, I do expect to see $DCN getting on-ramped. Announcement is slated 6pm HKT today. 

The exchange listings have triggered plenty of pump & dumps, particularly so for those listing on the Korean exchanges. However despite the dizzying price action, a recent survey conducted by Token Post revealed less than 1/3 of (Korean) respondents were concerned about the volatility of crypto assets while over 17% said they were not concerned at all. A correlation between risk appetite and alcohol consumption? Maybe. But I genuinely think it is also because there is no outlet to gamble for nationals. While there are several casinos in the country that cater to visiting foreigners, Kangwon Land enjoys the government sponsored monopoly as the only legal casino catering to locals. The result is more a bustling market that puts Macau at its heyday to shame. 


While Argentina has jacked up benchmark interest rates to an eye watering forty percent in an attempt to stop the FDI outflow, Venezuela is taking a rather different approach in what appears to be the first steps in ditching the defunct bolivar altogether. The Venezuelan Ministry of Transport will henceforth only accept euro and Petro for mandatory shipping services at her docks. Very much look forward to see how the retaliation against unilaterally imposed American sanctions will play out. 

Banking the unbanked is something I truly believe blockchain technology will solve, so was  delighted to hear of the pan-African community officially launching NuruCoin, the continent’s first multinational cryptocurrency. 

Meanwhile West Virginia established a milestone by completing the first government-run blockchain-supported vote in US History. The perk was not extended to everyone eligible with the right of suffrage but hey, you have to start somewhere. The headline softened the blow for what resulted in Colorado as the state Senate voted down HB 1426- a bill that would’ve created guidelines for identifying open blockchain tokens as securities- by a narrow 18-17 vote as few senators switched sides last minute. A reminder that villain rotation is still very much alive and kicking. 

And as pro-Bitcoin lawyer Manny Alicandro throws his hat in for candidacy of New York Attorney General, FundStrat makes yet another headline this time through Sam Doctor head of data science research calling a $20,000 ~ 64,000 yr-end target for bitcoin. Doctor, that is a $44k range… what is the science in that? 

May trend be your friend… Happy trading!

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