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  • Bitcoin  3.63%

    $9179.55 USD

  • Ethereum  5.53%

    $667.61 USD

  • Bitcoin Cash  18.01%

    $1541.85 USD

  • Ripple  4.67%

    $0.91 USD

  • Litecoin  12.51%

    $305.94 USD

Trading View - February 21, 2018

Trading View

The Kimchi premium shot up to a twelve-percent handle on the 5% drop over the
past 20 minutes.What is up mainstream media… a LOT of FUD surrounding the
unfortunate death of Jung, Ki Joon head of economic policy coordination at the
office for Government Policy co-ordination it was a dirty job; Wall Street Journal out
with a particularly damning piece insinuating that there was wrongdoing involved.
“death from an unknown cause”… Truth of the matter is, the man died in his sleep,
three days ago. Let him rest in peace already. He was 52 years old and was known
to be under stress from the responsibility of forming policies governing
cryptocurrency trading but to call this the reason of death? Stretching it.

You also have Paul Singer, founder of their US $34billion hedge fund Elliott Management laying in calling cryptocurrencies “one of the most brilliant scams in
history” going so far as to calling it beyond fraud.

What is more relevant is Choi, Heung Shik chairman of the Financial Supervisory
Services (last night) expressed his opinion that “we need to establish a regulatory
environment that will accommodate normal cryptocurrencies, not crack down on
them.” Not a legally binding statement but safe to say he has the ear of Kim,
Dongyeon – The prime minister that calls the shots.
And the Petro is born. Sale of the token backed by 100 Million barrels of the
country’s oil reserves goes on sale today. Tender accepted for taxes and fees in the
country. The US will no doubt do everything they can to clamp down and uphold
their unilaterally imposed sanctions on the country.
Uncle Sam, you are out of your jurisdiction…

Last update was 40 Million PETROs of the 100 Million initially offered were
accounted for.

Cryptocurrency Prices

11,324.60 USD
31.71% (Last week: 8,598.31 USD)

907.41 USD
7.35% (Last week: 845.26 USD)

Bitcoin Cross Border Prices

CCY: 1325407.00 JPY/BTC
USD Equivalent: 12,315.59 USD*
Price VS USD: 8.75%

CCY: 8952.80 EUR/BTC
USD Equivalent: 11,049.02USD*
Price VS USD: – 2.43%

CCY: 13452000.00 KRW/BTC
USD Equivalent: 12,536.65 USD*
Price VS USD: 11.47%



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